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Incorporating analog video feedback, liquid light, modular synthesis, and the best of modern digital video production, New Visions combines audiovisual alchemy backed by over a decade of experience in music videos, live performance, and digital asset creation.

Helmed by guerilla filmmaker and acclaimed CRT glitch specialist Dylan Brannigan, New Visions' portfolio is unique, with a workflow that allows for controlled creative accidents to be remixed and cut live to music with vintage analog video mixers and tube cameras.

Getting an early start as an intern with Brooklyn-based music incubator 825 Records, Dylan's raw talent as a filmer and director swiftly expanded, working on music and promotional videos for artists of all genres and branded content for massive companies like Gibson Livenation and others. He also started to perform live visuals under the moniker "New Visions," which later became his own production company to facilitate a growing client base and first feature film.

Dylan's range of expression as a creative is vast, most recently directing music videos, creating tour assets and performing live visuals for A Place to Bury Strangers, Uniform, Madonna, the Veldt, Flossing, and Gift. His piece, "FEEDBACK/FLOWERS" was on exhibit at the 2022 Glitch Art Is Dead Expo, and his upcoming feature film, "This is the Day," is a conversational narrative inspired by Richard Linklater, which Brannigan both wrote and directed.


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